New single: ‘The Island’

Ladytron Delve into Disquiet on “The Island”
Second single from forthcoming LP embraces rather than escapes from our modern fears.

“The Island” intentionally affords space for crescendoing emotional effect” – Paper Mag

New York, NY, August 16, 2018 — ‘The Island,’ the second single from Ladytron’s upcoming album, finds the synth-pop quartet in fighting form.

The euphoric song opens with a meditation on desolation —“Farewell, farewell dreams we once knew” — chilly Italo synthesizers and emphatic drums that swirl into a driving, haunting rallying cry. The Island is lyrically expansive, both autobiographical and social, and narrates the disquiet we all feel. “These past two years, during which we’ve been making this record, have been an accelerating turmoil, traumatic for everyone,” Helen Marnie explains. “I think only by confronting and embracing this reality do we stand a chance of getting beyond it”.

“Tropic of Capricorn” will be an exclusive physical release as a B-side of the 7 inch single of “The Island.” It will not appear on any other physical version of Ladytron’s album. It will also be available for stream and download via Pledge Music as the B-side of “The Island”.

This past March, Ladytron made a triumphant return amid critical acclaim after a seven-year hiatus with their first single, “The Animals”. The single “wowed” Wired, Post-Punk called it “an infectious nihilistic fever dream,” while Stereogum characterized it as ”a potent combination of smeary dream-pop and futuristic robo-music.” Rolling Stone mentioned it’s “punchy, breathless chant,” and Flood who originally premiered “The Animals” described it as “a hallucinatory track of primitive synths and angelic harmonies, with lyrics considering our more savage instincts.”

With “The Island,” Ladytron continue to explore our personal, and social hopes and fears amidst tumultuous times with all the prowess and complexity that have made them one of the world’s most unique and compelling bands.

Single released Friday August 17, 2018 via Pledge Music.


Ladytron return in 2018 with their first new music in seven years.


Ladytron have announced their first album since 2011 and a new single, both exclusively through Pledgemusic.

Opening single “The Animals” is a taste that comes complete with a remix by electronic pioneer Vince Clarke, and a video clip filmed in the sprawling megalopolis of São Paulo. The track is unmistakably Ladytron, yet hints at new horizons to come. “The Animals was the first new song we had, and with it we went almost immediately into the studio with Jim Abbiss, who has worked with us previously on Destroy… and the Witching Hour album,” says vocalist Helen Marnie “He’s the producer who has really understood us the most”.

The new chapter for Ladytron follows a hiatus which saw half the group move across hemispheres, and all experiment with solo projects and new collaborations, after five albums and a succession of world tours over the previous ten-year period.

Originating in Liverpool, the band, made up of Helen Marnie, Daniel Hunt, Mira Aroyo and Reuben Wu earned that decade of acclaim by relentlessly pushing boundaries, carving out new sonic and conceptual space and refusing to abide by formula or trend.

At the beginning they were known for shows in unconventional spaces, such as disused banks and bowling alleys, and placed emphasis on countries and cities other than their own. Thus the group’s international recognition quickly grew – playing in places where few artists went at that time, such as China in 2004 and Colombia in 2006. Along the way they twice took their primitive electronics to California’s Coachella Festival, on relentless tours across Europe, Asia, North and South America, and were invited to perform with artists such as Bjork, Nine Inch Nails, and for Brian Eno at the Sydney Opera House. Eno remarked in an interview, “Ladytron are, for me, the best of English pop music. They’re the kind of band that really only appears in England, with this funny mixture of eccentric art-school dicking around and dressing up, with a full awareness of what’s happening everywhere musically, which is kind of knitted together and woven into something quite new.”

Having made their name with minimal lo-fi debut, 604 in 2001, its successor, 2002’s synth-soaked Light & Magic, had Ladytron grouped with the so-called Electroclash wave, while 2005’s Witching Hour saw them break out and win over a whole new audience. Pitchfork wrote: “Every quantum leap record has a quantum leap single, and in this case, it’s “Destroy Everything You Touch.” With a charging chorus and shivery production that sounds as equally indebted to shoegaze as it does synthpop, this is probably the most confident and menacing thing they’ve ever done.”

2008’s harder, darker Velocifero saw them grow further with the iconic singles “Ghosts”, “Runaway” & “Tomorrow”. They were then invited by Christina Aguilera to write and produce tracks for her forthcoming album.

A decade’s retrospective was released in 2010, featuring a new single “Ace of Hz” and to follow, 2011’s Gravity the Seducer took up a cinematic thread which had weaved through the previous albums with “White Elephant”, “Mirage” and standout “White Gold”. After another accompanying world tour that culminated in a euphoric sell out at the Los Angeles Wiltern, the band took a well-earned break, a pause that would grow longer than anticipated.

In mid-2016 the band quietly began to write and record together again and are now in the process of working on their sixth full-length album, to be released later in 2018, which picks up the trail with their songs and raw characteristics taken forward with a new palette of atmospheres and themes.

More details about the album at Pledgemusic.