Ladytron Premiere “The Island”, a “Magnificent Short Film” (CLASH Magazine)
Visual for Second Single from Forthcoming LP Explores Dystopian Themes
“An intense yet beautifully shot clip, it’s a sign that Ladytron don’t just want to match past glories – they want to surpass them.”
New York, NY, September 5, 2018 — Today, Ladytron premiere their short film for “The Island,” the second single from their forthcoming LP via CLASH Magazine featuring an interview with band members Daniel Hunt and Helen Marnie. The eerie and striking short film is directed by Bryan M. Ferguson, whose film “The Misbehaviour of Polly Paper Cut” opened for David Lynch’s “Blue Velvet” at David Lynch: Painting in Perpetual Motion.
Reminiscent of works by Chris Cunningham (Aphex Twin) and Jonathan Glazer (Under the Skin), and shot in Glasgow, “The Island“ explores the story of a humanoid who awakens, escapes, explores, and is ultimately destroyed. The unnerving images in the short film echo the song’s haunting chorus, icy synthesizers, emphatic drums, and menacing Italo-electro backdrop.
Bryan M. Ferguson, comments: “It implicitly examines today’s current climate and where we’re headed. It explores the alienation and tyranny that we’re forced to swallow on a daily basis. It also offers a sharp commentary on our dual human nature and our present social environment. Overall, the film is a nihilistic look at society’s lack of progress.”
Last month, Helen Marnie who penned the song’s lyrics gave further insight in an exclusive interview with PAPER on how her personal discomfort shaped the making of “The Island” and why there’s a disparity between our actions and our intentions.
Following a seven-year hiatus in March, Ladytron made a triumphant return amid critical acclaim with their lyrically and visually haunting first single, “The Animals.” “The Island” shows again why that praise has been deserved and heightens the anticipation for the release of their full length album in early 2019.
“The Island” is out now and comes with an exclusive non-album track “Tropic of Capricorn”. The single is available on clear, seven-inch vinyl via Pledge.